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In 1997, West Central® introduced SoyChlor® to the dairy industry. Designed to assist pre-freshening dairy cows with DCAD balancing and reducing instances of milk fever, this product is manufactured at a processing plant in Jefferson, Iowa.

SoyChlor specifically aids dairy producers in reducing incidents of hypocalcemia and milk fever. Of cows leaving dairy herds, approximately 25% leave during the first 60 days in milk, and mostly because of health problems. These health disorders are often linked to the effects of hypocalcaemia. SoyChlor's key ingredient is hydrochloric acid, the most palatable source of chloride available. SoyChlor offers unique flavor and odor characteristics preferred by dairy cows around the world.

Dairy cows from the United Arab Emirates, to Canada and Mexico, as far as Australia, and throughout the United States, have benefited from the use of SoyChlor in their dairy rations. SoyChlor offers low 20-22% protein for flexibility in formulating, low potassium and sodium content for ease of balancing DCAD, low phosphorous and beneficial levels of calcium and magnesium. Most importantly, the process in which SoyChlor is manufactured is ISO 9001 certified, guaranteeing SoyChlor customers a consistent and quality product.